Some call her Janet Jackson, others call her The Boss Chix, but these days she's also known as "The Wellness Boss".

Being a Super Promoter, Celeb Agent, Philanthropist and yes a Glam'Ma too, keeps her super busy. Therefore with such a hectic schedule, and not always having enough time to exercise, or even eat healthy, she had to be creative and find ways to still supply her body with the proper nutrients and vitamins needed. 

For years, Janet heard her friends & family talk about Nutra Burst and how it detoxifies your system, while supplying essential elements that help strengthen your body. After some research, she discovered other products, such as the Laso Tea, the NRG and other healthy products and she became a TLC fan. So much so that she made a decision to share the news and become a Life Changer. The products sell themselves. What more can you ask for??? 

"Feel Better & Make Money"

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